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ASU Graduate 2017

Beau Ramirez is a digital marketing consultant for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to optimize their online presence. He has worked with start-ups from Arizona and California in growing their digital portfolio. His passion for scaling business and an entreprenuerial spirit drives his career in digital marketing. His efforts have led him to collaboration on projects with the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Coyotes, and key influencers in the NFL Jared Allen and Jen Welter. When he’s not lost in the world of all things digital, he’s jamming on his acoustic or dining at some of SoCal’s best eateries.

Beau was born and raised in La Mirada, California and is an alumni from La Mirada High School. It was here where he discovered his knack for business, as a member of the Academy of Commerce and Entreprenuership and elected CEO of the school’s fictitious company – selling conceptual technology devices and leading the team to a first place award in salesmanship.

In May 2017, Beau graduated from Arizona State Univeristy with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a concentration in communications. Throughout college, he had three internships that revolved around the power of technology: one at a large scale internet marketing company, one at a mobile app development company, and one for a non-profit media company. He was able to learn skills from this network of experiences that prepared him for an entreprenuerial career as a Full Time Marketing Coordinator and  independent marketing consultant.


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